If you need a software solution based on Blockchain we can help you. From design and development to implementation and consultation.

BitSchon Crypto is one of our international services in asset management and DEX-oriented fields.

All projects will be done under the supervision of our elite developers.

 We also have an authenticator platform that could help you to fight with counterfeit product selling.

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BitSchon is a blockchain software services company founded in 2021 in Europe.
We use cutting-edge technology and the safest approach for saving and exchanging different kinds of digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFT.
Our intelligent high-level development and financial team members provide blockchain services for your business, private life, and organization.
BitSchon app is available in App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

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BitSchon Authenticator

Fake goods have always been in the market and have caused a lot of losses to many businesses. And counterfeiters mostly target popular and high-quality brands because they can ride on the brands’ reputation and success. The problem is particularly acute in China, where 80% of the world’s fake products are thought to be produced.

Chinese counterfeiters are too resilient to be defeated Despite stricter government regulations. They always find online and physical shops to sell their fake products. Even for consumers who only shop in official designer stores, they must protect themselves from being scammed by sales associates, some of whom have been caught swapping real products with fakes. In many cases, even the seemingly legitimate authentication sites could turn out to be fake, according to thefashionlaw.com.

And this is where BitSchon Authenticator can make a positive difference. The counterfeit market doesn’t just hurt rich people’s brands. It also costs us in terms of labor and sustainability, and There’s a criminal aspect to it.

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