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We believe that we can provide more ease and comfort for people and companies by using the blockchain technologies in their life.

BitSchon DEX

BitSchon DEX is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly gives you a wallet, exchange capabilities, NFT, and other Dex features. You can create, buy and sell NFT in BitSchon and use decentralized financial services. Support for decentralized currency exchanges is another essential feature of BitSchon DEX. This platform guarantees security and enables crypto traders to make transactions directly without handing over management of their assets to an intermediary or custodian.

A Secure Wallet and Exchange

You can store, sell, buy and transfer cryptocurrency securely.

Decentralized Exchanges

In BitSchon DEX, you can use DEXs freely and make your transactions 24/7.

BitSchon Authentication

BitSchon Authentication Tool will help you to fight with counterfeit products.

Authenticity Solutions 

We use NFT-based solutions to verify authenticity of any product you can imagine. From car parts to cosmetic products.


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